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How to Win an SBA EIDL Loan Reconsideration (Letter included)

Here is the formula used by experts to win several cases.

Subject Line: Reconsideration for Denial App #

1. I am responding to the denial letter you sent me on _____date.

2. Attach you will find all documents: 2019 tax return, Form 4506T, bank statements, articles of inc, utility bills, credit card statements;

3. We are a ___ person company in __________location growing at ____% that went into a forced lockdown. As per my bank statements, we clearly suffered an economic loss of ________ amount. Compare the months Jan/Feb with the forced lockdown months of March-June. There fore we ask for a loan equal to that amount so that we can pay rent, utility & credit card bills etc. Making the monthly payment will not be a problem because our business was very strong prior to the pandemic. Thank you for the consideration.


Your name

Business Consultant: Andrea Carter, Doctoral Candidate

Tax Advisor: Clark Tax

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