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About Me

Andrea Carter Bio Title Image.jpg

Andrea Carter is an award-winning poet and writer with a love for loving.

Devoid of love for many, many years, she learned to become the love she was searching for all of her life.  She has experienced and overcome a plethora of obstacles from childhood molestation, teenage pregnancy, siblings murdered, and abject poverty before even graduating from high school.

Andrea was born in Gary, Indiana to a sharecropper.  For twenty years she taught in urban schools throughout the nation.  Her poetry was recognized at the University of Wisconson-LaCrosse Multi-Cultural Conference.  She opened schools for at-risk youth.  In 2009, she was runner-up for the Atlanta Business League Success Against All Odds Leadership Award. 

A Ronald McNair Scholar, today Andrea is a first-generation Doctoral student studying Global Leadership and change.


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