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The 2020 Vision Goal Setting Edition book is not just a daily inspirational read.  It is a life-transforming book.  In this journal, you will find 366 inspirational thought-provoking quotes with powerful affirmations.  Additionally, there is space provided for you to record your daily goals, action plans, and accomplishments.

The Bible says to write down the vision for a reason. There is power in writing. The vision is a clear image of how you see your future self. Did you know that a written vision gives you the roadmap you should follow to get to your intended destination? You are much more likely to accomplish your goals by writing them down.

Journaling is the practice of writing down your goals to arrive at your desired destination. Everyone and everything exists for a purpose. There is greatness within all of us. Find yours through goal setting and perfect it. Trust the process. Never give up.

Begin to live the life of your dreams.

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